Drain Repairs

Do you need drains repairing in Darwen, Blackburn or Bolton?

It is not always evident on the surface that you make have cracks or roots in your drains. Depending how bad they are upon diagnosis, specialist treatments are available in particular drain lining. Angel Plumbing & Drainage have had year’s experience in this field. Angel Drains believe excavation is a last resort and through knowledge, can expertly repair drains without the need for excavation work. Without a CCTV Survey Inspection then the problem cannot be identified. Drain Lining is the most affordable drain solution for drain repair and 9 times out of 10 can repair newer drains.


How does Drain Lining help repair drains?

Drain lining works by inserting a sleeve into the existing damaged drain. The inverter inflates the sleeve so that it fits tightly against the inner pipe. Once the resin has dried we remove the inflated and the repair is sealed.

Areas We Cover

Darwen, Blackburn and Bolton

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